Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Backyard Bliss pt 2

So I got a little lazy - I'm only human right? I missed a couple of days as a result of working late nights and lacking serious energy during the day. I'm using photos from the same day in the back yard rather than deny you photos all together.

In the first photo Ashton decided to climb right into the photo so I snapped one of him. No garden will steal his mommy's attention. If you care those are my peas, onions and carrotts that I planted myself. Who knew I could grow a garden?

This is the flowering tree from my previous pictures. Trees are one of the most beautiful things in nature. Every tree has it's nooks and knots distinguishing itself and showing it's age. I didn't want to include the whole tree in the photo, that's what everybody else would do. I had a different veiw and wanted to capture the detail in the bark. The flowers that grow beneath it created a nice balance for my photograph.

Backyard Bliss

I have a flowering tree in the back yard. We just bought a house about a month ago so I'm still pretty proud of it :p I'm enjoying my time outside now that the weather is (usually) warm. The first picture has no work done to it except cropping.

I couldn't decide which picture I liked better but I didn't think the colour came through bright enough on the second picture. So after playing with the hue and saturation for a bit I ended up liking this purple colour a lot. For you non-photo geeks out there that might not be able to tell, I'm being honest, I photoshopped the crap outta this one.